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Microsoft… oh, Microsoft

The gloomy weather of this morning gave very little indication of the eventfulness of the day to follow.

I switched on tablet PC as I would usually, wanting to transfer some long owed photographs from our last trip to some friends. Little did I know, that the first image I would see after log-in was not going to be the beautifully blooming tulips I had on my desktop, but instead, an error message:

Image result for

Naturally it had seemed out of place, as I have just the one drive installed with my device and an rather obscure flow of worry showered over, placing doubt towards the security integrity of my device.  This is when I realised, that not only had my desktop become unavailable, the start menu was also inoperable.

Google is always a good place I reach to for inspirations – and without much ado, a post outlining a similar issue surfaced.  The particular forum post suggested that the system32 folder containing user profiles may have become unavailable… but how could I verify?

The only dormant icon on the desktop suddenly glowed like a candle would on a storming dark night.  The ‘Recycling Bin’.  Breath was held-in, eternity passed after the mouse’s double-click action, and there it was, a functional windows explorer window.  I could disguise better, but the in the sensation of relief, rounds of “Ha, ha, ha.” did burst towards the ceiling.

My files, my data, my settings still existed at some location on the disk, and that was all I cared for.

Confirming that it was caused by last night’s Windows Update at shutdown, speaking with a Microsoft representative who hung-up the phone on her end after advising of a phone transfer… the discovery of another Windows Update which resolved the issue… and all… that…  was all just history.

I am now looking at the beautiful tulips again, yes, a Microsoft Windows default image, but it is, by all means, the one I chose.


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