Realtime HTML5 Canvas Drawing

CANVAS is a word that returns bars and pubs when searched in google, but in actual fact, is much more correlated with the painting platform both realistically and virtually.  Whilst easy to access web-based multi-user word editing softwares are available, it is the re-introduction of live-canvas that enables more than 1 user to view, edit the created collaborated picture file that brings CSCW to a whole new level.

I love that HTML5 is able to offer CSCW via a easy to integrate canvas with a simple <canvas> element.  This offers websites a further personalized interactivity with its users as seen by chat room providers, allowing multiple users to collaborate on a single piece of artwork in sessions.

The canvas tag can also be utilized by developers to draw and animate using script, which I find to be a great tool to enhance the attractiveness of online experiences.

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