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CUES app – heuristic approach towards mobile productivity

Upon the release of the iPhone 5, it was quite an surprise to stumble upon this interesting productivity app when browsing the Apple store.

The idea behind CUES is to remind the user of a task to attend to, when they have entered the vicinity of the task location as preset by the user themselves.  The mobile application is the first that I have come across to utilize GPS location services common to most mobile phone devices today, towards productive use unlimited by just ‘friend-search’ social implications.


The application is unfortunately, currently only available at $1.99 for an iPhone, with news that an Android version is currently being produced.  Personally, I find the application slightly difficult to use when a task needs be added at a new location (must create bookmark regardless of once-only use) and the battery drainage to be too high (constant activation of GPS location-based features).  It would seem to defeat the purpose of the app if I were to switch the GPS services on and off when entering areas I know that preset tasks exist already.

Having said so, I do look forward to seeing further updated versions of this app with improved UI, allowing for improved accuracy of locations in small proximity.  Aside from which, CUES app does exactly per application description and is the most promising location-based reminder app I have seen.


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Path – linking your close ones


The words ‘social’ and ‘mobile’ inevitably for myself, links towards that one blue-icon-ed application where most people’s friends count are in the hundreds.  For myself, discovering path not too long ago was a surprise all together, which lead to some serious ‘falling-in-love’ that followed instantaneously. 

The ‘Path’ application is categorised as a communication MoSoSo that links to your friends through either the mobile device’s contact list, or facebook, with user choices of who to selectively invite manually.   I have less than 20 friends currently on my friends list and it is a very manageable small circle of actual close friends, with whom I am willing to share my locations, emotions and everything else Path has to offer.

The application’s advantage and in turn, its disadvantage both lies on the fact that the user group at this point, is relatively small in comparison.  Advantageous in that not every ‘acquaintance’ needs be added as a ‘friend’, but those truly close may not be using the app.  Path serves well as a ‘inner-circle’ MoSoSo if the latter disadvantage can be resolved without attracting social dyslexic malfunctions.

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