Yet another facebook post


The very instant that the word ‘awareness’ came up, ‘facebook close friends list’ appeared so vividly in my mind.


The facebook app is not new, I like how it gives you accessibility to your friends’ and pushes notifications you deem important directly to the smart phone status bars so you can be aware of the latest updates to events and posts.  Lately, I’ve discovered that awareness is promoted further by facebook with a simple ‘close friends list’ which push notifies literally every update from friends on the list directly to the phone status bar, so you see your friends facebook posts as soon as they post.


Yes, it does become annoying at times when a bestie is a post re-blogging spammer, and it almost feels stalker-y by tracking a facebook friend’s every update, but it saves time and furthers awareness about the ones you want to hear about asap from the many.


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