WeChat for iPhone / Android

It was only a month ago that I widened my eye at a friend speaking into an iPhone and listening to an voice reply moments later in the form of a instant message without dialling voice mail.  ‘What’s this?’ I’d asked with much astonishment, only to discover that it was to be an app called ‘WEIXIN’ aka ‘WeChat’, distributed by China’s largest IM platform (‘QQ’) provider ‘Tencent’.   

The app enables asynchronous distributed interaction between its users in the forms of instant messaging via text messaging, photo sharing, voice messaging, location-sharing, and group messaging with the recent addition of video messaging in version 4.2 beta.  It even comes with a locational GPS service where users are able to chat with strangers using the same app within a set radius of each other.

WeChat’s hold-to-talk voice messages seems to use very little data usage and have
not yet being noticed to generate sends/receive connection errors as seen with ‘Facebook’ and ‘Line’ when using network data transmission instead of wi-fi connectivity. 

I feel that instant messaging platforms such as WeChat that supports human interaction past simple text emoticons where true emotions are expressed asynchronously via voice/video.  

 This app also comes with an SNS interface affiliated with the user’s WeChat account, making it truly a mobile lifestyle bank if all our friends can be connected (perhaps when the day comes that Facebook ‘find’ is integrated 😛 )!




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